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世界戰爭 / World Wars


過了假期的一半, 在家休息了數天後, 身體狀況好好, 故昨天出動去了Churchill War Rooms & Imperial War Museums, 共流連7小時, 最後走去吃點心作結。如果可以, 真的想去HMS Belfast。

Halfway through the holidays. After resting at home for a few days, I felt well. So I went to Churchill War Rooms & Imperial War Museums yesterday where I stayed for 7 hours at least, and then I went to China Town for having Dim Sum to end day. If I had some more time, I really want to visit HMS Belfast.

昨晚因突發通知, 用了3個多小時才回到家, 也開始懂得如何運用地鐵火車交接去遊英國。

Due to unexpected notification last evening, it took me more than 3 hours to get home. At the same time, I understand how to use the underground and train transfer to travel around the UK.

不知不覺已被誤會是當地人, 例如問路、問報稅、問轉車和傾電話等等, 我也不明為何外國人眼中我是韓國人?! 絕少估我是中國人, 是好是悲!

In spite of speaking HK style english, I have been misunderstood as a local all the time, such as asking for directions, tax matters, train / underground lines matters, phone for gossips & etc. I don’t know why most of foreigners, even Britian, reckon me is a Korean not others?!

在英國我對朋友定義放開不少。原來夾唔夾, 是可人為的, 其實當感受到要多遷就對方, 也是開心事。原因(1)我整體能力較強 (2)施比受更有福 (3)互相關懷的愉悅

In the UK, my definition of friends is great changing. It turns out that "Friends" can be nourised via effort, not entirly depend on feeling. Sometimes, I am happy to sense that I have to accommodate friends more. Reasons are (1) my overall ability is stronger (2) giving is more blessed than receiving (3) the joy of caring for each other. Friendship cannot be quantified.

今次照片效果奇差, 失望。 但感受啟示超好, Great!

Those photos I took this time are extremely bad, disappointing. However, it’s fabulous I am inspired from this visit.

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