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乾淨 / Clean

談談「乾淨」。當下, 做人處事乾淨很重要也甚艱難, 外表乾淨因自律, 內心乾淨因有愛。俊美是天賜, 〖乾淨〗可人為, 願您選擇當個乾乾淨淨的凡人(天使😇)。亂象雜生之時, 寧折不彎之士, 可貴可敬!🙇🏻‍♀️

Talk about CLEAN. In such critical moments, it is not only very important but also difficult to be a clean person. A clean appearance is due to self-discipline and a pure heart is due to love. Although a person who has a good looking is a godsend, as an integrity believer can be nurtured by self. Would you choose to be a CLEAN mortal (angel😇)? During the chaos era, it is respectable as a man who is not bent. Salute & appreciated!🙇🏻‍♀️

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