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  • 作家相片Ms. CHOW

五月天 / May


自私不該, 但當中有愛呢?

殘酷不該, 但當中有憐和義呢?

慈悲不該, 但當中有道呢?

世界雖多元化, 生為人也總持傲慢與偏見。當下帶著同族情懷, 仍必先弄懂「族」是同心同意同念嗎?

天祐世人, 所贈機會和能力同在, 誰願開出第一火?

The war. It is included reality, cruelty and compassion.Often says:

Don't be selfish. But if there's Love in it?

Don't be cruel. But if there's Mercy & Loyalty in it?

Don't be cowardly. But if there's Ethically in it?

World emphasize diversity. As a human beings, we are with stong pride & prejudice is normal. First of all, we have to ask ourselves that do we have the same of thoughts & beliefs?

God (named) is blessing all to give us chances & capabilties to choose the best.

All upto us.

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