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人生地圖 / Life map


週末早上8:24, 剛吃過Sulena招牌早餐🥪, 有空又動手寫下感思。✍

雨止, 天清氣爽。乾透的衣服散出一陣陣花香味, 頓悟「輪轉」的道理; 只要好好處理, 又能呈現一番新面貌。在途上結交了一些來自世界各地的朋友, 偏偏沒有一位是香港人和英國人; 其中來自加拿大的「她」總是不滿現況和別人, 易於動怒和自大是引發點, 確然我常需抽空陪伴聆聽她的嘮叨, 但絕少主動給予意見, 免她吼叫; 每天持續付出超強友愛, 初到貴境的我, 百上加斤, 吃不消了! 😅總覺每人都有自已的人生地圖, 該走的逃不掉, 唯有自決! 不論中外, 能少說粗言穢語, 有助平靜情緒。🤐🥰

我喜歡獨處, 也有能力自處; 別人覺得困難的, 我輕易過關。I love me, myself & I 😘🤗當然亦喜愛於節日與家人好友去「蒲」。

感恩媽咪和上天的厚愛! I love YOU both💝


At 8:24a.m. on Sunday, I had Sulena's signature breakfast at home🥪. I am blogging again to express some of my thoughts & experience lately. ✍

It might be a heavy rain last night, it stopped now. The sky is clear & the air is fresh. Those clothes had dried & exuding a burst of floral scent. I realize the principle of "Rotation", it can be transformed to a new look from dirty as long as we determined to handle it properly. Until now, I have been meeting some friends who are coming from the worldwide, unfortunately, none of them are from Hong Kong & Britian. One of them is Canadian, she almost daily disatisfied with things & people. The trigger for most of incidents, I observed, is about her personality: irritable, arrogant & striking. Indeed, I have spared plenty of time for her to accompany with & listen to her nagging, but I was rare to give my personal advice / opinion initiatively to avoid she's continually shouting & extending her discontent. As a newcomer, I am feeling like overwhelmed & stressful, sometimes😅. Honestly, she's the right to choose return to her home life (why not didn't do that?), but for freedom & security reasons I lost my right sadly and regrettably (even if I am eager to). God tailored an unique life map to everyone, none of us can’t escape, but we have a choice! Whoever dish you out, being able to speak less foul language that'll help you calm down & make a good decision.🤐🥰

I enjoy so much staying Alone, and I have the ability to deal with Alone; I always easily manipulate & balance it. So, I love me, myself & I 😘🤗 of course, I also enjoy hanging out with friends / family in special occasions.

Gratitude of Love & nurtured from Mom & Guardian Angel. 我愛您倆!💝

I'd like to share some pictures I took in the past few months with U all (or me, myself & I only).🤣🤣🤣

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