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  • 作家相片Ms. CHOW

信 / Confidence or belief

無止境的悠長假期間, 又見證了: 不掘不撓地引爆, 醜陋不堪的出猫; 但又引證了: 各施其職, 互敬互愛, 美麗精神。別聽信勝者為皇, 歷史和上天終會還您們公道! 仍活者, 要相信和愛。

During such unlimited long vacation, I saw clearly again: the indomitable to reveal the truth & the so ugly cheating. Meanwhile, let me felt deeply again : everyone contributes & performs their best, mutual respect and love & the value of civilization. Don't believe that say the winner is king. History & God (named) will eventually return you with fair. Those who are still alive, why not keep believing & love.

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