• Ms. CHOW

偃旗息豉 / Surrender

「智群教學」本強調「用慧、聚社」,今年斷斷續續無教無學的日子,硬要Ms. Chow活生生地與開支競賽,大呼偃旗息鼓🏳️🤕。「限聚令」下只可會見三小孩,仍是那麼無憂無慮,Ms. Chow也受感染,多醒神啊😇。放學後,一人獨留,忽然心有戚戚焉。祝福天下人人有個幸福的家!願為您祈禱。🙏🏻💖

Resume class yesterday. We emphasize Active learning, Capacity to think & Enjoy to explore the world. Unfortunately, Ms. Chow is painfully forced to race against the expenses of this year. We're absolutely failure🏳️🤕. Complying with the policy of social distancing, there were only 3 kids allowed to show up the class. They, as usual, are so carefree. Simple is the best😇. After school, Ms.Chow stayed behind alone and felt sorrow suddenly. Wish everyone would have a happy home! Pray for you.🙏🏻💖

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爭取 / Fight back

詩蓓囡囡🏊‍♀️又嬴自己了, 兼再奪東京奧運獎牌, 超開心😁。 伍家朗囝囝在多數香港人心中永遠都是「🏸殺手」, 已贏盡🏆! 再提下, 我們有個奧運金牌囝囝🥇: 張家朗 香港人、運動員、加油!💪 隨筆: 今早8:00, 早餐剛享用時,...

銀牌 / Silver medal

有血有肉, 有喜有悲, 人生就是如此。 很開心, 何詩蓓👍戰勝自己並勇奪全港首面奧運游泳獎牌, 叻女!🏊‍♀️ 香港人、運動員、加油。🥰🥈 Ups & Downs, that's a life. I am very happy to see that Siobhan...

騎士 / Knight

用「揪心🏍」來形容此刻心情。素面謀面, , 慨嘆心傷, 天地連線, 同理連枝。 大眾消極常言: 歷史由勝者主編😤 小眾積極勸引: 歷史由勝者主編✍ 同一語, 不同處, 取決於『信念』與『時間』。 我們的脫變, 贏得世界友誼。🤝 要堅強◼ I am feeling...