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半天遊 / Half day trip


Today is the 3rd day of my holidays. I have booked a ticket to Stonehenge, Old Sarum & Cathedral Church on Thursday this week. Unfortunately, due to the industrial actions taken by the railway workers, it was finally postponed to the next holiday after negotiated with the tour agent. The travel shifts also impact going to the British Museum on Saturday. I am considering to cancel or re-sehedule it.🤔😥

一星期假已過了兩天, 今天是第三天。本早預購了星期四去Stonehenge, Old Sarum & Cathedral Church的票, 因鐵路職工採取的工業行動, 最終協商下延期至下次長假期吧。星期六再去倫敦和大英博物館都因班次影響也改期或取消了。🤔😥

Yesterday, I spent half day in Beale Wildlife Park. Many small animals seem to understand what people's talking. When Keeper talked to me about them, their reaction was so big and fast, which made me so excited. What's more amazing is that most of them cooperated with me to take pictures.📸🦉🦢🦨😁

昨天, 在Beale Wildlife Park遊玩了半天, 許多小動物好似懂得聽人話, Keeper 與我談及牠們時, 反應之大和快, 使人興奮, 更神奇是非常配合我拍照。📸🦉🦢🦨😁

It is really inconvenient to go to the suburbs without a vehicle in England. As a lone ranger, I think I should consider buying a car. Yesterday, I experienced a local old driver's driving skills. He can be comparable to those HK Van's drivers. In that shuttle bus all are old ladies and gentlemen. They are very polite to the driver when they get on and off the bus. They live in such remote place, carrying full of daily necessities, and knowing each passengers & driver, so I guess they are old British, Cute!🚍👴🏻🧓🏻

在英沒有私家車想去郊區遊玩真的較不方便, 享受獨行俠身份的我, 也考慮要購車。昨天體會到英國老伯伯司機那手車, 比媲香港Van仔, 快爽穏! 全車老婆婆和公公, 上落車均好有禮貌, 住得偏遠, 大包小包的日用品, 又互相認識的, 多是英國老人家, 可愛!🚍👴🏻🧓🏻

Alert of those changes in the world recently, "His" dreams come true. One of them is make Hong Kong tranformed to be Chinese style entirely. Moreover, everyone can witness that day happen. . . . . .⚰🙈

有留意近來世界變局, 「他」已如願以償, 將香港強國化, 整個機器高速步向。。。。。。⚰🙈

I often say: The best and strongest weapon is "Be yourself Best". Everyone has to practice this weapon well, as long as you are willing to contribute small even to home, company and country that will be brilliant! I hope the UK will work harder💪🏻. I wish the USA and the EU all the best🤞🏻, as well as look forward to those evil countries that know how to be kind and to love.👼🏻

我常言: 做人最好最強武器是『做好自己』。每人都修練好此武器, 只要肯貢獻給小小予自己的家, 自己的公司和自己的國家, 必光芒萬丈! 希望英國加油💪🏻, 更祝福美國及歐盟各國🤞🏻, 以及期待懂得改邪歸正的別國。👼🏻

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