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即做 / Just do it

今天主題談及「做愛」💖。猶記當午眾多香港青年人提出「扑嘢都冇房」的控訴, 引起各界爭議。我也曾尷尬好奇想知, 一位有學識秀麗的可人兒口中說出此字是誰? 要多麼勇敢和誠實。時光飛逝, 現下風向一轉要你多產了🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣😰。

就做愛而論, 所見所感, 港青較悲情, 英青較隨性; 本想刊載過去一週「英青做愛週記」,既好笑又慨嘆, 但為免破壞男女主角形象, 由簡述, 到忍喻, 至全刪; 或許日後, 只供個人向朋友八卦分享🤣。

Today, I want to talk about "Making Love"💖. Many years ago, most of youths in Hong Kong had raised out that "There's no place for fxxk", which caused many controversies. I was embarrassed, but curious to know who was she? such well-educated & lovely's mouth falling off this word. How courage and honest to have. Time flies. The trend for now has been changing to Reproduction🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣😰.

As far as sex is concerned, the youths of Hong Kong are Sadness, and the youths of British are Just-do-it. I would have wanted to post out my weekly diary of "2 Young British People Making Love Week", which is comical and sigh, so as not to damage the images of them, finally delete all & saved in my mind, that's it. Maybe just gossip with friends for fun someday.🤣

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