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原則 / Principles


談談「原則」。以彼原則整治此原則達至某原則, 此舉嚴如輪迴般苦, 永墜無間地獄。勇者明知故犯, 智者明知不犯; 心清得共鳴 🧐, 乃樂見☺️。道不同, 不相爲謀! 天氣漸寒, 各人保重。🙏🏻☃️

Talk about "Principles". To use principles to defend principles to achieve principles, it sounds like reincarnation & will fall into infinite hell forever ever, Sigh! Some people in guts choose to fight back the injustice & some people in wisdom choose to respect the mutual commitment. If our hearts are clean enough, it's not difficult to resonate. That's the source of our happiness & hope☺️. Frustration, sometimes, is a blessing. It gave us a chance to see through something or someone 🧐. Don't stand for the policy & person in evil. Take good care about self.🙏🏻☃️

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