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向前走 / Run front


各位小朋友、中朋友和大朋友, 不好意思, 不辭而別。『智群教學』和周導師需轉換一下環境, 重回自己人生課題: 愛、自由

已在英國數天, 這裡天氣很好, 雖仍在隔離中, 卻感平安舒暢。 Ms. Chow年青時, 曾窮遊歐洲多國, 唯獨大英帝國緣份未來, 每次總是有因, 過門已不入。從沒想過於2021年, 半個月內以不知哪來的勇氣, 翻轉了紀律的生活和工作, 買了張英航廉價機票, 隨心訂了當地住宿, 就這樣12小時後抵達英國展開下半生生活。幾天中遇上了幾位來至不同國家的英國人(法國、馬來西亞和巴基斯坦), 他/她對英國生活滿意, 多麼快樂的二等公民! 感謝他/她的指導和幫忙。

家人和親友均怕我將永別香港, 擔心我回不來; 而我卻擔心他們走不出。真心話, 是留下的不再投信任票? 還是那群人性化選擇暫離混沌的呢? 不再可自由行動和言論, 那是我愛的香港嗎?! 不留也無憾吧。總認為, 平靜不代表穩定繁榮, 喧囂多是平等有愛的展示。

凡事皆有陰陽正負。雖然年青不再, 但深信在一個較健全可信的政體下, 臨終前仍可繼續去: 愛、自由 在此祝福香港人!

Dear friends, sorry about my leave without saying goodbye. ACE Learning Methods & Ms. Chow need to make some changings & keep going my life motto: Have courage & Be kind. I have been in the UK for several days. The weather here is good. Although I am still in self-isolation, I can feel safe and comfortable. When Ms. Chow was young, I travelled in many European countries, except the British Empire. Each time I wanna visit there, there were some reasons behind make me U-turn. I never thought leaving HK for UK before. In April of 2021, I am with the indescribable courage to reverse my disciplined life and work. I bought a cheap flight ticket from British Airways and booked a local accommodation ramdomly. Then, I arrived in the UK after 12-hour to start a different life. In the past few days, I met a few Britishs who came from different countries (France, Malaysia and Pakistan). He/she is satisfied with their current status in the UK. Such happy second-class citizen! Thanks alot for their guidance & help. My family, relatives and friends worry about I ain't allow getting into HK, conversely I quite worry about they are unable to get out from HK. To be honest, those people who stayed that lost their confidence to HK, not those people who chose to keep distance temporarily from the chao. If no freedom of movement and express, is this still the Hong Kong I love? ! I always believe that calm/shut up does not mean the society could be stability and prosperity, conversely the noise is mostly a display of equality and love.

Every one & thing have 2 sides (dark & bright). Although I am no longer young, I am convinced that living with a stable and credible government, I can continue to Have courage & Be kind. God bless Hkers.

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