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唉!/ Oh, No!

更新日期:10月 26

Facebook要求的證明文件,我們均乖乖跟從規矩呈交,審批多時後「智群教學」整個臉書忽然消失了🤷🏻‍♀️,對Facebook感失望極🤨。可幸,樂天的周導師和學員早將所有美麗回憶儲存腦海,並細緻記錄在人生里程碑上,永不磨滅,師生友誼永固🤗。多謝當年助開啟facebook的青年人,否則Ms. Chow不會主動寫作,只盡力隨緣地生活。🙏🏻

We have already submitted the related documents for verification, as required by Facebook. Even though waiting for a long term of approval, the entire page was suddenly disappeared without any notice🤷🏻‍♀️. We are shocked by Facebook's performance & decision🤨. Fortunately, we have stored all the beautiful stories in our minds and engraved on our life milestones meticulously, which will never be erased & teacher-student friendship after ever🤗. Thanks to the guy who helped Ms. Chow to start Facebook, otherwise she won't take the initiative to write, and will only try to live wherever she wants.🙏🏻


禮先而後兵, 鳴金後行德, 德為首眾服, 此為得天下; 問天怎自處? 心善世人受, 勿忘歸初心, 此乃道義也。 有『心』, 肯『受』, 才能『愛』!💖 自力更生或許久了, 少抱怨。但今被迫「自煮、自駕、自活」, 為此感心噏而怨道: 真的厭倦了😩! 擔心下波需「自耕😅...

退步 / Degenerate

談談「退」。它與「進」相對,有離去、不接受、畏縮和脫落的意思;而當中,周導師最害怕是不自知地退步至無路,夢醒時分驚見「進」已活久矣🔕。此進非進何進?! Say something about OUT. It's opposite to IN, which means ex...

唉!/ Oh, No!





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