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唔輸得? / Sore Loser?

唔輸得? 那真輸了! 它由虛、脅、挾和厚臉皮培養而來, 弄得愚者氹氹轉, 頂禮膜拜。感恩成長旅途不平, 總算明白「輸得起」是做人基本功。學習「忍」與「耐」之別, 前者則懦弱, 後者需下苦功。祝福人人於2021: 五榖豐登, 六畜興旺!💪

Afraid of / reject to concede defeat? Oops! that's true loser. It is cultivated by fears, threats, coercions & lies, & which makes those fools easy to worship. Grateful for having an uneasy growth journey. That process will let you understand how to have poise to found the success. Opening your mind to feel deeply & learn quickly what's Be Patient, which requires tremendous efforts, not cowardly. Wish everyone would have a very peaceful & healthy Lunar New Year!💪

Ms. Chow隨筆✍: 多謝筱晞和媽咪、Josh和爸媽詢問「中階班」時間表和慰問, 懇請稍候🙏。再重申『智群教學』是周導師的only BB👶, 小本經營, 暫沒分校。遇疑惑, 可來電。

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