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Recently, there was a horrible "Graffiti incident" happened in East London. It is hard to believe that those terrible simplified chinese slogan with the characteristics of community appeared in the UK! It is not only destroyed the local art & culture but also harm our eyeballs, hateful!😤😭

最近英國東倫敦發生了一件可佈又可恨的「塗鴉事件」, 可佈是強國特色的寫在牆上簡體大字建國口號竟出現在英國! 還一聲不響並理直氣壯地毀掉了英國當地藝術文化, 可恨! 😤😭

In fact, there is no one in the world have intention to stop Pink Fans loving / contributing themselves to Supreme chairman / their nation. But why they insist on breaking and entering to other homelands which with completely different values and cultures from them. Very annoying!🤬

其實, 世界上無人阻擋強國人愛強國, 只是他們硬要闖入價值觀和文化南轅北轍的別國攪什麼中華文化大外宣。極討厭! 🤬

Mr. Supreme Chairman & their nation are in dire straits and genuine need their loves. Please go home QUICK!👿☠✈

強國現在正水深火熱之中好需要他們的愛。回去吧! 👿☠✈

Apart from those dehumanizing behavior of pink fans, I am very grateful to the Canadian and Australian governments and happy to see they are opening their arms to welcome those below 35-year old group Hongkongers😘🤞🏻, choose what you believe in. Those keep nonsense yelling "We love HK, don't give up HK". Stop it - it just show that you're no guts or you're not allies.😤

除了這羣小粉絲非人性化的行為外, 最近好高興和感謝加拿大和澳洲政府😘🤞🏻。香港較年輕的一羣, 『命與運』如何選擇? 自己決定。唔捨得香港?! 少來此廢話, 冇guts才是主因。😤

Men of totally different principles can never act together! Good luck.

道不同, 不相為謀。祝安!

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