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塞翁失馬 / Blessing in disguise


限聚令下, 迫使「智群教學」和周導師頓變私人補習模式, 多不習慣, 也感吃力。何時可重回惜日熱鬧的『教和學』氣氛? 今天「初階班」開課, 須以一對一教授免違法, 反之她倆開心受落得很, Ms. Chow累極了也沒打緊, 因您倆感快樂! 🙏🏻 諮詢後得悉, 大多數家庭寧願維持面授培訓, 不想透過在線學習。Ms. Chow聽到了, 將盡力平衡資產負債表吧。✌🏻💪🏻 祝安康!

Due to the restriction of social gathering, we are forced to give up the previous group interactive training mode. Ms. Chow isn't used to that tutoring pattern. She's exhausted. Wondering when it can be back to normal? Junior course must be taught one to one avoiding illegal. Fortunately, they presented so enjoyable. That's great! YOU're happy is our honors🙏🏻. After survey, most families would rather maintain the current training mode instead of online. Ms. Chow will listen to you & try the best to balance the balance sheet.✌🏻💪🏻 Be healthy & safe!

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