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如何持續? / How to sustain?



We have been in operation hardly for a year🤦🏻‍♀️. We'd like to thank those families who still paid and waited patiently under the pandemic. Moved us🙇🏻‍♀️! If we can keep running, "YOU" is we🤝🏻. Although there is 1-2 parents who make their children to stay longer for various reasons but not willing to pay for upgrading🤔😅, we apologise for not being able to act in concert with, so as not to disrupt our persistent curriculum rules and order. However, the membership number and discount will be reserved for future use. To respect the spirit of the contract, all courses from 2019 to 2020 have been implemented for the time being, and we are very proud of the recognition and praise of mostly parents and students.😘

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唔輸得? / Sore Loser?

唔輸得? 那真輸了! 它由虛、脅、挾和厚臉皮培養而來, 弄得愚者氹氹轉, 頂禮膜拜。感恩成長旅途不平, 總算明白「輸得起」是做人基本功。學習「忍」與「耐」之別, 前者則懦弱, 後者需下苦功。祝福人人於2021: 五榖豐登, 六畜興旺!💪 Afraid of / rejec...

信 / Confidence or belief

無止境的悠長假期間, 又見證了: 不掘不撓地引爆, 醜陋不堪的出猫; 但又引證了: 各施其職, 互敬互愛, 美麗精神。別聽信勝者為皇, 歷史和上天終會還您們公道! 仍活者, 要相信和愛。 During such unlimited long vacation, I saw ...

原則 / Principles

談談「原則」。以彼原則整治此原則達至某原則, 此舉嚴如輪迴般苦, 永墜無間地獄。勇者明知故犯, 智者明知不犯; 心清得共鳴 🧐, 乃樂見☺️。道不同, 不相爲謀! 天氣漸寒, 各人保重。🙏🏻☃️ Talk about "Principles". To use prin...




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