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如何持續? / How to sustain?

更新日期:4 天前


We have been in operation hardly for a year🤦🏻‍♀️. We'd like to thank those families who still paid and waited patiently under the pandemic. Moved us🙇🏻‍♀️! If we can keep running, "YOU" is we🤝🏻. Although there is 1-2 parents who make their children to stay longer for various reasons but not willing to pay for upgrading🤔😅, we apologise for not being able to act in concert with, so as not to disrupt our persistent curriculum rules and order. However, the membership number and discount will be reserved for future use. To respect the spirit of the contract, all courses from 2019 to 2020 have been implemented for the time being, and we are very proud of the recognition and praise of mostly parents and students.😘

歸來 / Be back

看見多位港爸港媽卑微地哭求協助,心痛難過得很😢。原本能依靠的制度,不幸,已變形走樣了。祝平安歸來!🕯️🙏🏻 Those HK dads and moms are crying petty & low to ask for assistance. That's so ...

如何持續? / How to sustain?


復工 / Resume operation

因禁面授課堂快將解封,「智群教學」所有課程將於10月恢復運作。【親子試學堂】現重啟,鼓勵和歡迎聯絡周導師預約蒞臨試堂。希望決策者懂知錯要改,勿重蹈覆轍,危害民生。🙏🏻😢 As the ban on face-to-face classes will soon be u...






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