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如何持續? / How to sustain?

更新日期:9月 14


We have been in operation hardly for a year🤦🏻‍♀️. We'd like to thank those families who still paid and waited patiently under the pandemic. Moved us🙇🏻‍♀️! If we can keep running, "YOU" is we🤝🏻. Although there is 1-2 parents who make their children to stay longer for various reasons but not willing to pay for upgrading🤔😅, we apologise for not being able to act in concert with, so as not to disrupt our persistent curriculum rules and order. However, the membership number and discount will be reserved for future use. To respect the spirit of the contract, all courses from 2019 to 2020 have been implemented for the time being, and we are very proud of the recognition and praise of mostly parents and students.😘


禮先而後兵, 鳴金後行德, 德為首眾服, 此為得天下; 問天怎自處? 心善世人受, 勿忘歸初心, 此乃道義也。 有『心』, 肯『受』, 才能『愛』!💖 自力更生或許久了, 少抱怨。但今被迫「自煮、自駕、自活」, 為此感心噏而怨道: 真的厭倦了😩! 擔心下波需「自耕😅...

退步 / Degenerate

談談「退」。它與「進」相對,有離去、不接受、畏縮和脫落的意思;而當中,周導師最害怕是不自知地退步至無路,夢醒時分驚見「進」已活久矣🔕。此進非進何進?! Say something about OUT. It's opposite to IN, which means ex...

唉!/ Oh, No!





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