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尋釁罪°本是佢 / Picking quarrels and provoking trouble, it's he


Recently, I met a few new friends who came to the UK from Hong Kong. Their questions were: come alone? live alone? working? exploring alone? . . . . . . Ain't you fear? Ain't you bored? Ain't you. . . How old are you? BNO Visa? You always smile!😅🥰

最近結識了幾位由香港來英的新朋友, 她們總有相同問題: 你自己一個來? 自己找屋? 自己找工作? 自己周圍走? 自己。。。。。。你唔驚咩? 唔悶咩? 唔。。。咩? 你幾歲? BNO Visa? 你成日笑。😅🥰

Possibly, I am a simple with strong self-protection awareness person. Keeping Smile makes me amiable and my belief gives me energy to handle those fears they thought.😊

可能, 我簡單, 自我保護意識強, 「笑」令我可親, 信念強大得令自己充滿能量。😊

There are a few things have caught my attention recently:🔔 近來幾件事令我也甚為關注:🔔

1. Stewardess incident👯‍♀️ ~ The power of writer provides me insight. Once the propaganda machine is action, who can resist? Just 3 small potatoes gossiping during their break, how come won 1.3 billion people highly attention?! Wow, it is so extraordinary affair! Banned Cathay Pacific, go back to China Airlines & good luck.

1. 空姐事件👯‍♀️ ~ 感受筆桿子的威力, 強國宣傳機器一滾動, 3個小休中8掛吓的小職員頓成13億人口的箭靶, 太有臉子了! 讓強國人坐回強國飛機吧!

2. Financial problem📉 ~ there must a reason. The Pearl of the Orient had kept a remarkable financial reserves. Now, how much is left? Treat our MPF be a farewell gift, sigh!

2. 財困 📉 ~ 空穴來風, 未必無因。曾擁有驕人儲備的東方明珠, 還剩餘多少可上繳? MPF, 便當對它的最後「散水餅」。

3. I am day off today, I listened a new song of Charmaine Fong accidently. One sentence of lyric: who made you understand what is heartbreak in so little💔 . . . . . . Again, those news scenes about the youth are holding kick-boards, umbrellas and wearing industrial hats appeared in my mind. I weep for them! Nobody wouldn't be touched.😢

3. 今天休息, 有幸聽到方皓玟的新歌。當中一句: 誰令你那麼細了解心碎💔。。。。。。腦中再次出現孩子們手拿浮板、雨傘和頭戴工業帽的新聞畫面。哭了! 會有幾個出走的香港人不心碎。😢

4. 🙏🏻Urgently call fellow world leaders to offer a possible plan to save Hong Kong children. Then, starting DELETE action, let it reboot!

4. 🙏🏻速請各國同路領袖們伸出援救香港孩子方案。然後, 剷平行動啟動。

Be the best, everywhere is our HOME. 做好自己, 哪裡都是吾家。LOVE HKers😘

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