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小插曲 / Vignettes


喜歡等待洗衣過程, 又快將嗅到那怡人的芬芳, 就這樣直接簡單, 讓我很輕易投入一個家。愛「乾淨」更速成我三分錢肉緊投入享受自製的家, 室雅何須大, 花香不在多。只欠隔音措施太差, 樓上弟弟細心, 應已盡力, 可惜晚上連聲大笑或移動取物, 足夠清醒難睡, 對外敏感不好。故此, 隨音移眠, 變遊牧民族。🥱🛏

2021年8月2日零晨4:30am開始, 小心翼翼整頓十箱行李, 逃亡般撤離那個AirBnB瘋婦家; 兩個半月的相處, 可以形容為『與敵同睡🥴』, 只是角色換成女性。我能所見所聞的, 不少於4組客與她起爭執, 可恥也可怕! 逃亡經過, 不堪回首, 只向嫂嫂吐了最後數天所發生的恐怖情節。不知何為, 我何得何能, 那來的影響力? 故此, 我愛獨行, 自在平安。🤐

現下積極找工作, 面試多了, 內向的我漸漸適應與陌生人深談🥰😅。20年前自資公司本想永活在自設生活模樣, 本意達到, 不幸遇上極級黑洞, 捲走一切, 帶來我最痛恨的「不確定性」重臨, 煩挑我心。根源是我還是那個?🤔

香噴噴的衣物出爐啦, 暫停筆。我愛大家!😍😘

I enjoy waiting for the laundry because I will smell the pleasant fragrance. I am so straightforward and simple that's easily put myself into a home. Love for "cleanliness" is another faster way for me to devote to my self-made home. I like my home & the environment except from the soundproofing is not well. Although the bro upstairs is attentive and should has done his best, awfully, I was still awake by his laugh & movement. Based on that, I have to rotate sleeping either in bedroom or living room to see which one is rather quiet. I become a nomad. It blames on my keen for Quiet.🥱🛏

Beginning at 4:30am on August 2, 2021, there were totally 10 boxes of luggage were carefully rectified by myself alone, & then I evacuated from the AirBnB mad woman's house like a flee. During two and a half months of getting along, it can be described as "Sleeping with the Enemy🥴", merely the role is Woman instead of a man. As I can see, no less than 4 units (included single & family) have disputes with her, shame on her, terrible! After fleeing, I did the best to forget it entirely. Therefore, I told the long story short to my sister-in-law. I don't know what I had done & how influence comes? That's why I love staying alone, to be at ease. I hardly to say NO to people. I will learn & practice.🤐

Now I am actively looking for a job and there are a few of interviews. I am an introvert person, so gradually adapting talked with strangers frankly🥰😅. Honestly, I determined to own my company in 20 years ago aims to live without interference . Unfortunately, we encountered a super black hole and swept away everything. He brought back the "Uncertainty" that I hate the most, and it bothered me. Who is the root cause of disaster?🤔

The fragrant foods (clothes) are out of the oven (washing machine). Pen down today.

I love everyone!😍😘

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