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掛住你 / Missing U


我返來啦😄。最近每天都聽方皓玟的舊歌: 你是你本身的傳奇 ---> 好鬼死認同。我常當自己是一生中的最佳女主角👸🏻

在英國工作半年有多, 思維很快已完全適應下來, 體能也回復正常狀態, 只是有輕微關節骨骼受損現象而然。預期它們伴隨我一同邁向晚年, 但感恩有此機會「回到18歲👧🏻🙆🏻」。

前半生, 我需謝老爸、兄弟和前男友, 教懂我成「淑女」的重要; 更謝老媽和眾競敵, 鍛鍊我有「勇者」的本質。我不愛與別人死拼, 總能感受對方的可悲, 是同理心還是深藏內心的傲氣? 莫論原因, 總能適時地拖慢步伐, 並輕鬆放下包袱, 愉悅地隨自我的旋律起舞。呀Q精神? Happy Girl? 簡單最好! 最好武器是: 做好自己🤣; 最大願望: 令人懷念🙏🏻

在港Be WATER💦不適用於我, 在英工作反成座右銘。無他, 因我做着當年18歲沒做過的事!

是什麼? 下次話過你知。👋🏻

I'm back😄. Recently, I am always listening an old song of Charmaine Fong: You are your own legend ---> Absolutely agreed. I treat myself to be the best actress in my life all the time👸🏻.

I have been working in the UK over 7 months. I am able to adpat their thoughts / cultures (Spanish style) and physically has recovered to normal almost, just the joints and bones have some symptoms of getting hurt slightly. I am getting ready to accompany with them until died. Nevertheless, I am very grateful for the opportunity to "Back to 18👧🏻🙆🏻".

After encountered so many people and stuffs, I have to thank you Daddy, Bros and Ex for letting me had a chance of being a Lady, as well, super thankful to Mommy and those rivals on my career path for training me to be a "Warrior". I hate to participate in odd competitons, I can feel their lamentable behind. Either is my empathy or arrogant? I have capable of slowing down the pace and loading down the worries at the right time. Then, going back to dance with my own rhythms happily and easily. So called "aQ Spirit" or Happy Girl? whatever, Simple is the best! I always think the best weapon in the world is: Do the best to be yourself🤣! The greatest wish is: Be missed🙏🏻!

Be WATER💦didn't apply to me before, however it's being my motto now. It is because I am doing things that I didn't do when I was 18!

What're they? Let's chat later on.👋🏻

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