• Ms. CHOW

框框 / Box

談談「初心」。近年人人說初心, 因多聽了曾反思自己的初心, 也思考別人的初心。由初心逐漸推論演譯出「良心」, 確然各有定案, 更甚超越自小用心學習的觀念。何懼! 自己兒女自己教/救。始於正念, 源於仁愛, 終於做好自己。跳出框框, 橙色指甲, 好玩。🤭💅 HK$25 簡單最美。

In the year, people always talk about "Stay Gold" ~ Nothing gold can stay. That's really push me to think more, & to explore more about the difference & details of 2 thoughts. Gradually, it's unavoidable to deduce the topic of what's the consciences? It doubtlessly gave me a chance to think outside of the box. Have courage to run front, runaway from those weird thoughts, with your own children. To start with justice, walk with kindness and end with being yourself. No worry Be HAPPY 🤭💅 HK$25 Simple is the best.

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爭取 / Fight back

詩蓓囡囡🏊‍♀️又嬴自己了, 兼再奪東京奧運獎牌, 超開心😁。 伍家朗囝囝在多數香港人心中永遠都是「🏸殺手」, 已贏盡🏆! 再提下, 我們有個奧運金牌囝囝🥇: 張家朗 香港人、運動員、加油!💪 隨筆: 今早8:00, 早餐剛享用時,...

銀牌 / Silver medal

有血有肉, 有喜有悲, 人生就是如此。 很開心, 何詩蓓👍戰勝自己並勇奪全港首面奧運游泳獎牌, 叻女!🏊‍♀️ 香港人、運動員、加油。🥰🥈 Ups & Downs, that's a life. I am very happy to see that Siobhan...

騎士 / Knight

用「揪心🏍」來形容此刻心情。素面謀面, , 慨嘆心傷, 天地連線, 同理連枝。 大眾消極常言: 歷史由勝者主編😤 小眾積極勸引: 歷史由勝者主編✍ 同一語, 不同處, 取決於『信念』與『時間』。 我們的脫變, 贏得世界友誼。🤝 要堅強◼ I am feeling...