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比心機 / Keep fighting


恐疫情再爆發, 今天終完成「中階班」訓練課程, 周導師可鬆口氣。上堂氣氛依舊快樂和集中🎉, 三個乖孩子親身體驗到『快樂和進步兼容的學習模式』, 確信能學以致用, 並戒掉陋習💪🏻。感謝自己當年一個人膽粗粗創立了「智群教學』為推廣自家理念, 眨眼間已與逾佰孩子結緣, 感覺多麼奇妙。🙏🏻😘

The intermediate course was conducted smoothly & happily today. No worries about it might be re-outbreak. The class atmosphere was so nice as usual🎉. The 3-kid experienced our learning mode. Believe they can apply what they have learned in their studies, meanwhile, drop the habit💪🏻. In a breath, Ms. Chow has become acquainted with a few hundreds children. It feels amazing. Thanks I, Me & Myself for have the courage to found ACE learning methods.🙏🏻😘

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