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溢出的滿足 / More than that


I can't wait for next holidays. So, I was re-scheduling my visit to Stonehenge & Salibury Cathedral. Done!😎😁

等不及下次假期, 最終還是再度改期前往 Stonehenge & Salibury Cathedral遊覽。正!😎😁

No disappointment. Tower Bridge & Stonehenge are my favourite attractions for photo shooting📸. For me, looking at the view of Tower Bridge as well as having a cup of latte leisurely☕, listening to the guide reading as well as thinking about the wisdom of human beings around Stonehenge🎧. It is more than satisfaction. 👍🏻

沒有失望, Tower Bridge & Stonehenge都是非常響往去拍照的地方📸。能望著Tower Bridge悠閒地嘆杯香濃咖啡☕, 在巨石陣旁邊聽導讀邊欣賞人類智慧🎧, 對我來說是從心底溢出滿足。 👍🏻

I have listened to guide reading in English and Mandarin versions. I look forward to hearing the HK language becomes one of the choice of guide reading one day when I return Stonehenge.🙏🏻

聽了一遍英文和國語, 很期待有天重回時能聽一遍香港語導讀。🙏🏻

Another reason is I wanted to experience the strike how to impact the society. During the entire journey, there was only one stop was delayed for 7 minutes, which did not have much impact on my itinerary. In middle of waiting, the radio kept reminding passengers about it. That's Civilized Negotiation!🤝🏻 But British railway fees are really expensive. I guess that's the reason why people's activities always arranged nearby instead of exploring elsewhere.

提早去此趟旅遊, 也因為想體驗下英國鐵路職工罷工實況。整段旅途只有其中一站拖延了7分鐘, 對我行程沒太大影響, 其間廣播不斷提醒乘客。文明談判🤝🏻, 但英國鐵路費真的會令市民想少去別處, 就在家園附近吃喝玩樂便算。

Fellows in HK called to talk about book publishing and online courses. They didn't want "ACE Learning Methods" to disappear in HK. Unfortunately, I felt that it was no longer as before, so I called to postpone the plan. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️I will resume to work next Monday. Although there is a gap in between of my mindset with most of colleagues even it is quite big, I will continue to maintain my styles / mottoes of living happily, learning from others humbly, and accepting any challenges in courage. It is because I still have feeling with my first job in the UK.

香港工作伙伴來電談及出書和網上開課, 他們不想「智群教學」就此絕跡, 但感覺不再, 暫緩計劃🤷🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️。 下星期一返回工作, 雖然崗位和同事都與我思想有一段鴻溝, 但繼續抱持一貫作風, 開心過活、歉虛學習、開放接受挑戰。

Sulena, you deserved have a fabulous holidays, keep going. 🙆🏻‍♀️😎🥰你值得擁有一個美好的假期,繼續前進。

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