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爭取 / Fight back

詩蓓囡囡🏊‍♀️又嬴自己了, 兼再奪東京奧運獎牌, 超開心😁。

伍家朗囝囝在多數香港人心中永遠都是「🏸殺手」, 已贏盡🏆!

再提下, 我們有個奧運金牌囝囝🥇: 張家朗


隨筆: 今早8:00, 早餐剛享用時, 又給屋主(一個自以為是、大話連篇和粗暴的加拿大女人)辱罵欺凌和掌嘴, 已不是第一次。但我決定反擊, 以流利英語據理力爭, 捍衛自身權益。不幸中之幸運, 就因此認識了鄰家一名女醫生, 感謝她的見義勇為。她是我在此認識的第一位英國人, 期待8月初搬進自己的家。🙏

Siobhan🏊‍♀️, Hongkongers daughter, has won the 2nd Tokyo Olympic medal & beat her own record again. Happy😁! Ng Ka Long, hongkonger son, will always be a "🏸killer" & has already won our hearts! That's the most important and meaningful things🏆. Don't forget we have the winner of Olympic gold meda🥇l: Cheung Ka Long. Hongkonger, athletes, Keep fighting!💪

P.S. At 8:00 this morning, when I started to enjoy my breakfast. The AirBnB host (a rude, arrogant & manian Canadian woman) abused and bullied me again, it's already been occurring on & off. This morning I decided to fight back for myself and defend my rights. Fortunately, one of neigbours, who is a doctor & is living next door with her fiance, stood out to give me some support. Of course, we both were being bullied together. Appreciated for her courage & integrity. She is the first British I have met here. I am counting down everyday to move out here & move into my home in early August.🙏

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