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祝福 / Blessing

Boris要走了👋🏻😥! 具爭議性人物, 總有其原因和特質, 從古至今, 不變。




更少見英國出現一屆政府單刀直入臭罵「違約無賴」, 同意嗎?

也從沒見有一位勇敢英國首長選和人民走獨立自主路, 同意嗎?

是福是禍? 天也未必知, 乃關乎人為共業。😇

與大眾不同步伐, 是孤獨是受壓; 但日後世人評價是: 超前、有遠見。那值回票價, 曾到此一遊吧! 如他的偶像(當然呀Sir有機會於二戰中實踐)和我們的倪康叔一樣, 永留世人心中。👊🏻👍🏻

充心祝願💖英國、美國、香港和各友好鄰國美好光明🤝! 同時, 祝福日本!🕯

Boris is leaving👋🏻😥! Controversial characters person always the same, whenever, whoever and wherever, have similar reasons and qualities.

Do you remember when he almost died for the UK?

Others laughed at him for "Co-existence with that C-Virus"?

Have you heard a national leader confessed his salary is not enough for living?

It is rarer to see the UK's government toughly condemns its default, such a Rogues group?

Have you seen a PM of Britian bravely to choose the path of state independence / autonomous with people?

Is it a blessing or a curse? Who knows, even God, because it is eventually rely on our desires and karma.😇

It is doubtless you will be loneliness and suffering if you are different from the majority. Nevertheless, once people commented: He's avant-grade mind and insightful, as if his idol (Sir has that opportunity to prove himself in WII, but he isn't) as well as our Mr. 倪康, they will forever engraved in the History.👊🏻👍🏻 Today's decision is worthy, unfortunately & conversely, people will regret today's decision.

I truly wish💖 the United Kingdom, the United States, Hong Kong and those friendly states have a bright future🤝! I also wish Japan will be better & get well soon!🕯

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