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聖誕及新年快樂 / Merry X'mas & Happy New Year

😁😁😁早前與一班好姊妹聚會,並在家分享大師級廚藝,怪不之得我嫁唔出😂,只好怪媽咪對我的溺愛。感恩曾有媽咪在😘。I had a gathering with a gang of good sisters earlier. They all have excellent cooking skills. I reckon that this prime reason for I am still single.😂 I could only blame my mother for spoiling me so much. Thank you to Mom was with me. 😘


仍留意香港情況, 惡況如期中, 心情非常矛盾, 想它回復當年光輝? 還是望它盡頭將至!

I am still paying attention to Hong Kong. The bad situation is predictable. I feel very conflicted. Whether I want HK be back to former glory or hope that its end comes?

一月將有兩週假期, 想去美國旅遊, 又想留在英國繼續內陸參觀。人生有太多選擇, 是福是禍? 天知! 人善人欺, 天不欺。深信!

I will have a 2 weeks vacation in January. I reckon should I travel to the United States or stay in the UK for inland traveling? I have too many choices in my life, is it a blessing or a curse? God knows! Be a good man, you will be protected by God. Convinced!

英國上載網速甚慢, 要適應。需適應的人和事很多!

The upload speed in the UK is very slow, so I have to get used to it. I have a lot of people and things to adapt to!

在港對第三國家特別憐憫, 在英卻失望及厭惡。In Hong Kong, I have great sympathy for those undeveloped countries, but in Britain, I am disappointed and disgusted to them.

聖誕及新年將至, 祝福應被眷顧的世人: 一生無憾, 成就大事。I wish everyone in the world to have no regrets and achieve great things in life.🎄🎊🙏🏻

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