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白老鼠 / Lab rat


是開心得悉國際已【認可】的疫苗有90-95%成功率, 願香港可主動代市民排隊訂購, 總比那些惡勢們大呼「強制全民檢測」為上策和親善。此自編(織)自導(設計)毛衣, 雖有缺陷, 但也不乏缺憾美呀🤭, 自娛成功, 只待自演(穿)出街走走機會快快來臨🤗。祝冬至、聖誕和新年人人都快樂平安🕯️

I am grateful to learn that internationally CERTIFIED vaccines have a 90-95% success rate. Hopefully Hong Kong can take the initiative to queue up to purchase on behalf of the people. Believe that measure is much better & make sense than compulsively test the whole city. Because this cardigan is hand made by myself, with some flaws, but I'm still loving it🤗. That's so-called Imperfect Beauty🤭. Wish everyone would have a peaceful & healthy X'mas & New Year!🕯️

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