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自我療癒 / Self healing

放假四天, 病了五天😷, 今天狀態漸現好轉。天氣不錯, 中午可外出走走。

A day before starting 2-week holidays, I've been getting sick, today's the 5th day😷, I am getting better. The weather of today is good, I wanna go out for a walk at noon.

仍有家長來電申請補充課堂, Ms. Chow已決定做英國香港人了。眼見香港已禮崩樂壞, 雖則早有心理準備, 但仍心痛不已。人陸人忽然提起張愛玲, 證明早早已戒備「潤🏃🏻‍♂️」得快好世界, 何況是天真無邪的香港人, 有能力招架得住嗎?

There are some callings to apply for supplementary classes till now. Unfortunately, Ms. Chow has decided to be a British Hongkonger. Hong Kong has been being collapsed rapidly, it really broke my heart even though I am ready for that. A lot of mainland people suddenly mentioned Cheung Hoi Ling, which proves that they have long been on guard, so called "RUN🏃🏻‍♂️" that means escaped from the hell. So, I quite concerned about those innocent & navie Hongkongers who decided to stay, are they capable of dealing with that unpredictable huge changing?

在香港很容易活得好開心。只要遵守遊戲規則, 在環境內容許你天馬行空, 累積財富, 東奔西跑,廣結友好 ; 重要是有世界認可的法院可依賴, 所以香港人的口頭禪: 你等收律師信啦和喺法庭見。孕育了一群敢言敢行善良正直的土生土長香港人, 多動口少動手。 如今, 看到黎生公司個案, 你唔好話大陸人冇見哋, 只是他們心懂但不揚言, 自私怕死的模範。獅子山下培養香港精神, 紅旗黨下能有怎樣的人才?! 真心去反母親? 如是那該當何罪!😪

It is easy to live happily in Hong Kong. You only know how to respect & abide by the rules of the law, the environment allows you to be unconstrained style to live and work, accumulate wealth, travel everywhere and make friends without border. The most important thing is that we can rely on our courts which are recognized by the world, so Hong Kong people always yelling: You wait to receive a letter from my lawyer and See you in court . It has bred a group of native-born Hong Kong people who dare to speak and act with kindness and integrity. I totally choked up by the court case about Mr. Lai's business recently. From a Civilized city downgrade to a Barbaric place, I am so sorry for HK. In fact, most of mainlanders entirly understood what's happening, they now chose to anti-mother just show how selfish & coward they are before. How dare you to say NO to your mom! 😪 The Hong Kong Lion Rock Spirit never died & hard to be copied.

早前看了Netflix的一套專訪烏克蘭現任總統的紀錄片, 又一次看見Have courage & Be kind人性光輝的一面。收到太子女現職公司的話事人的聖誕咭, 長長文字裏, 就只有一段令我有點感動和激動, 那就是她提及撤出Russia所有業務, 在商言商, 我也會有此決定, 已被世界decoupling還有甚麼可取呢?! 但她向全球職工發出此訊息, 背後含義, 確然了不起。讚!👍🏻😘

Recently, I watched a documentary interviews with the current president of Ukraine on Netflix, and once again saw the glorious side of humanity - Have courage & Be kind. I received a Christmas card from the chairwoman of the current company. In the long letter, there is only one sentence brighten up my eyes and moved my emotion, that is, she mentioned that she has withdrawn all businesses from Russia. In business, this is absolutely clever decision, it has been almost decoupled by the whole world, what else is there to gain?! But she sent this message to the global employees, the meaning behind.... it is indeed remarkable. Like!👍🏻😘

英國有她的社會問題, 見不得有一個容易營商的好環境。脫歐議題仍末完, 初到貴境, 仍是半個外人, 但同意收緊移民政策。 真的有太多以讀書為名, 連同父母親戚朋友齊齊入境居住工作, 除帶來某程度勞動力和人口外, 對英國本地文化和民主自由何來貢獻?! 單從某國女性仍由頭包到落尾, 可見一班!🤔🤯

The UK has its own social problems, and it is hard to see a good environment for doing business easily. The issue of Brexit is still quarring. I am still a half outsider, but I agreed to tighten immigration policies. There are too many people who in the name of studying but their parents, relatives and friends will come together. Apart from filling in a certain level of labor force and population, I can't see what they contribute to the British local culture and democracy and freedom?! For instance, from those women of certain countries, they still cover their body from head to toe! Why are you leaving for the UK? 🤔🤯

已接種3針Covid vaccination和Flu vaccination, 病起來自身免疫力抵擋得住, 只流點鼻水和頗倦, 如果不是碰上放大假, 那可慘了! 希望快些康復, 可去London及其他城市逛逛。剛過去的悲慘遭遇, 英國政府和在英國居住中的市民, 不要太婦人之仁, 在港在英我仍是那句: 請現政府封鎖某國人民自由入境, 以免白白浪費自家的防疫努力和人命! 她們所到之處, 必被蠶食愚化。☠

I have been vaccinated with 3 jabs of Covid vaccination and 1 jab for Flu. I think it is main reason when I get sick, my own immunity can withstand it. I only have a little of runny nose and very tiredness. Luckily, I have these 2 weeks holiday! I hope I still have a chance to go to London and other cities before the end of holidays. In addition, the British government and citizens who are living in the UK must learnt from the tragic experience in the past. Don’t be over kind. Either in Hong Kong or in the UK, I still voice out: Please ban entering freely for certain viras breakout countries, so as not to waste our own epidemic prevention efforts and life hazard! It is because wherever they go, they will messy & destroy that place completely. ☠

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