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  • 作家相片Ms. CHOW

自由、陽光 / Freedom, the Sun


今天放監啦! 我是指10天隔離完成了, 可與朋友郊遊, 順便參觀下英國這區富貴人家所住環境, 靜中之靜。即香港人所謂的「隔涉」, 英國人卻享往得很。英國天氣不像如期的差, 幸運的我常見太陽, 日光時間很長, 即使偶下微雨, 仍感覺著祂那溫柔的光亮。以半個月成行暫別那家, 希望以一個月安頓這家。只希望有個『家』。天佑港人!

I am released from the 10 days isolation. Yeah! today I go to hiking with some new friends. They brought me via the living environment of those riches in this county of British, where is really quiet & peace. Our preference is living in urban, but British is not. The weather in here is wonderful. How lucky am I. I often see Mr. Sun. The daylight hours are longer than I imagined. Even if it rains occassionally, I still feel his gentle & bright. I have farewell to that home in half month indeed, & hope to settle in this home in 1 month. To me, I just want to have a HOME. Heaven will watch Hongkongers.

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