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見工 / Interview


數數手指, 已多少年末曾需見工, 今天面試去。緊張難免, 始終文化語言皆大不同。本想成為勞動階層, 簡單易活便快樂。殊不知, 走過的路多了, 更能依心直說。本性難違, 一天內爲面試作準備和正式面試後, 還是「腦」動階層較合本質。好一個見工機會/練習! 仍對這間公司其他部門感興趣, 望可早點找到生活意義。

在英已兩個月了, 天氣漸熱, 人卻冷了。從小到大, 由東至西, 不分身份種族, 總有一個玻璃心或躁狂症圍繞身邊團團轉。越想拉開距離, 越是靠得更緊。是因深明做好自己, 以禮相處, 卻如磁石般吸引負極。友誼天賜, 永固人爲, 以善待人, 一如以往。十分期待8月快來, 可重回自由安寧的生活。獨居寡言最歎!

於此, 總是早睡早起, 今晚就因一杯遲喝了的咖啡, 帶出一則留言, 英文翻譯明後附上。Sleep tight!

Interview for a job? how many years it won't be happened on me? Uncountably years! Today, I have a job interview. I am feeling inevitably nervous due to we completely have 2 different cultures and languages. I started admiring those physically workers, it is truly not easy workloads. To me, mentally jobs are much easier. They really get the things done very well. I like this firm & its core values. However, I am motivated by moving forward.

I have been here for two months. The weather is becoming hot but the people are cool. Whenever how old I am, wherever I am and whoever he/she is, there is always a snowflake or manian being around. Keep trying to push off, eventually pulling closer more. I have sympathy for his/her feeling always frustrated. That's a destiny to be friend. I'll try to make effort. Always said: Have a good friend is cheaper than therapy. Anyway, I still look forward to August, returning to a free and quiet life.

In the UK, I am absolutely a morning person. Tonight, I might have a little coffee before going to bed, still energetic at midnight, so go to bloging, will attach English wordings after tonight. 早抖!

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