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變 / Change

始於新型冠狀病毒(COVID-19)帶來的巨變,周導師心靈和健康尚可應付自如,抱歉「智群教學」財力卻不濟了😩。為達可持續發展,以謝各方多年的信任與支持🤝🏻,於2020年11月15日起,需改革以往授課環境習慣,我們的靈活多樣性必被考驗💪🏻🙏🏻。在困境中,Miss Chow不計成本,只因想保留【免費親子試學堂】這個貼心的渠道,先讓各家長和孩子有機會親身體驗我們【自家的學習方法、技巧、系統和思維態度】及【快樂和進步兼容的學習模式】。隨緣中盡力啦!🤗👌🏻

Huge changes made by COVID-19, Miss Chow's mental and health are okay, but financial resources of "Ace Learning Methods" is poor 😩. In order to achieve sustainable development & cherish the trust and support of all parties for the past years🤝🏻, we must be CHANGE starting from November 15, 2020. Our flexibility and diversity will be tested💪🏻🙏🏻. No matter present is tough, Miss Chow'd like to retain the 2-hour Free Lesson so that parents and children have the chance to know / experience our learning methods, skills, systems and attitudes as well as a new learning mode of Happy and Progressive. With Smiles to fight dilemma!🤗👌🏻

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