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跨欄 / Hurdle race


豪仔、Matthew和韻韻, 抱歉周導師我離港了, 唯只以短訊公告爸媽, 或許他/她遺漏了吧😜。您們仍可放下東西在尖沙咀辦公室, 會安排轉交給我的。謝您和媽咪! 沒了Ms. Chow或更多, 但有「智群教學」的方法技巧和系統在旁, 仍有您們自己的智慧, 問題在哪? 我看不見。信自己! 💪

在世界中觀望, 🔊香港年青人多了不起, 偏愛難免; 下一步如何? Ms. Chow也尋找中🤗。。。待續

決信, 盡力向前跨越賽欄🏃‍♂️, 即使欄杆倒下(跨欄基礎慨念), 至少你不會受傷。

在英國4個月來, 好幸福遇到許多心地善良的人, 其中一對情侶結緣於AirBnB並聯絡至今, 令我喜歡此國。感謝他/她的幫忙。😘🙏

Dear Ho, Matthew and Sharon, I'm sorry just left message for your daddy only about I have left for the UK. Maybe he/she missed it. 😜You are welcome to leave things in the office, surely it will be handed over to me promptly & properly. Thank you! Although you have been studying without Ms. Chow or more, you still owned our own ACE methods, skills, systems & mindset. I can't see what the problem is? Use them & believe in yourself! 💪

Looking around the world, 🔊so pride in the youths of Hong Kong. Favoritism is inevitable. What's next? Me too, is looking for it🤗. . . to be continued

Resolutely believe that just do to leap forward over it🏃‍♂️. Basic techniques of hurdle race, at least you will not be injured even if the railing falls down.

In the past 4 months, I am happy to meet with many kind & friendly people in the UK, and I like the locals. Most of them help me a lot & a couple comes from AirBnB, we are keeping in touch until now. Many thanks.😘🙏

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