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逃學媽咪 / Runaway Mom

有套港產片叫『逃學威龍』,現實卻讓我們遇上了一位逃學媽咪😂。於2019年12月底,您一家預約周導師試堂後,報讀了「初階班」基礎互動訓練課堂。仍記得面前是一位既年青又能幹謹慎的母親,卻竟害怕起學習來,每於開課前總拋出各類藉口延期😉。經Ms. Chow耐心聆聽引導後,最終您鼓起勇氣親自陪伴孩子列席,並順利通過訓練,讚👍🏻!常言道:真正快樂人生是需於歲月中被人和事悸動,並懂感恩🙏🏻。祝願不久將來看到您監製的自家作品!👌✌🏻

There was a US movie named Runaway Bride, but we met a Runaway Mom in the reality😂. You enrolled the junior class at the end of December 2019 & requested to defer the class many times for various reasons😉. The first impression of you is young, capable and prudent, but feared to learn & rejected to be a coach of your own kids. After talking with Ms. Chow deeply in the past few months, you finally picked up the courage & moved forward to complete the Junior course successfully & happily. Well done👍🏻! Be brave to learn how to live & study together with 2 sweeties, you'll find a new whole world🙏🏻. Wishing your dreams all come true soon.👌✌🏻

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唔輸得? / Sore Loser?

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