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重新適應 / Readaption


星期天, 呆坐家中觀看Netflix, 在港時極少追劇, 一來工作忙, 二來無興趣。來英後感覺時間多了, 打發時間漸變成日常目標之一, 故憶起當時在港一套大熱的韓劇「愛的迫降」。用了約個半星期看畢。起初, 故事人物、內容和背景並不吸引, 強撐下去, 不知何時, 漸漸改觀, 變得有趣, 後段甚至覺得緊張和感動。韓風能瘋魔亞洲是有其聰明方法, 軟實力也是國力和經濟的表現。下套將選擇英美劇集, 消閒之餘同時學好英文以便工作, 始終選擇了暫別亂港, 說粵語的youtubers請加油, 您們是我在英國唯一記托。太掛念惜日香港的美和優!

Today's Sunday, I stay at home to watch Netflix, rarely binge-watched dramas when I was in Hong Kong due to going to work busy and have no interest in them. After moving to the UK, it seems that time passed slowly and how to kill time suddenly became a daily task. I recalled a Korean drama called "Crash Landing on You" which was very popular in Hong Kong in a few years ago. I binge-watched it & finished at noon. At the beginning, having bored to the characters, content, and background. To achieve my daily task, I forced myself to keep watching, & gradually it changed my bias & taste, and even felt exciting and moved in the latter part. “Han Feng” can be hot & successful that is rare amongst Asians because of its clever methods. Soft power is also a manifestation of national strength. What is next? I am going to choose English dramas, aims to learn English while idle. Capacity to speak fluent English is essential for job hunting. Those Cantonese-speaking youtubers please go on cheer up & fighting. Watching your channels is one of my happy hours in the UK. I overly miss my HOME - formerly Hong Kong.

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