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  • 作家相片Ms. CHOW

騎士 / Knight

用「揪心🏍」來形容此刻心情。素面謀面, , 慨嘆心傷, 天地連線, 同理連枝。

大眾消極常言: 歷史由勝者主編😤

小眾積極勸引: 歷史由勝者主編✍

同一語, 不同處, 取決於『信念』與『時間』。

我們的脫變, 贏得世界友誼。🤝


I am feeling like "Heart-wrenching 🏍". Even if we don't know each other, we would have been keeping walk together by our same belief.

Majority pessimistically say: History is edited by the winner😤

Minority optimistically persuades: History is edited by the winner✍

Under the same idiom-Is the glass half empty or half full? It totally depends on your "Belief" and "Patience".

It's amazing & unexpected to gain the friendship of the world due to our naturally transformation.🤝

Don't collapse◼

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