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「給十九歲的我」這部紀錄片在香港鬧得滿城風雨, 不解? 我只從預告片和各界口中略知一二。其實對各主角的私生活和背景興趣不大, 反之電影中有否如實反映和誠實道出香港這十年如何蛻變, 而此蛻變如何影響她們的成長, 是我好奇為何終止上映的心態。

The documentary of "To My Nineteen Year-old Self" has been a talk of town (Conflict) in Hong Kong recently. How come🙄? I only know a little bit from the trailer and the public voice. In fact, I am not very interested in the privacy and background of the protagonists. On the contrary, whether the film has truthfully reflected and honestly revealed how Hong Kong has been transformed in the past ten years, and how this transformation has affected their growth, that is I curious most.🤔

「給過去十年的香港」, 莫論有多豐富的想像力, 能幻想香港現在蛻變中的一切嗎?

"To Hong Kong in the past ten years". No matter how rich of our imaginations are, can we imagine that transformation of Hong Kong now, can't you?

「給過去十年的香港人」, 我們不是覺醒了嗎?! 睡醒後, 心態、視野和氣量不是要更闊更深更高嗎?!

"To the Hongkonger of the past ten years". Are we awakened, aren't us?! After waking up, do our mentality, vision and ceiling of tolernace should become wider, deeper and higher, don't us?!👌🏻👍🏻

「給過去十年的香港孩子」, 不是真實地感受過『愛和恨』?! 見證過大部分香港人的無私和勇氣嗎?! 重申: 最大敵人是自創恐懼和複製邪惡成功之道。

"To the Hong Kong children of the past ten years". You deeply felt what is "love and hate"! You have witnessed the selflessness and courage of most Hongkongers! Again: The only enemy is self-created fear and replicate that evil's mindset.😈😰

一套微不足道的紀錄片, 竟令香港人又再次對立毒罵到要你死我活之境。何解呢? 荒謬!

Just a common documentary WHY caused Hong Kong people to confront each other again? Ridiculous!🥴

P.S. This is the 2nd version, because the 1st edit was accidentlly deleted.😜 The contents of both have great different, because each writing relies on that moment of my real feeling & thought.

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