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三個小男孩 / 3 little musketeers


6月份「初階班」快樂而順利地完成了。三個醒目而不同性格的小男孩:熱情、冷靜、隨性,都擁有一個愛自己的媽咪,幸福矣!周導師均欣賞歡喜就因「I see you」,祝福孩子快高長大、聰明伶俐和自在人生!三位善良而美麗的媽咪,辛苦您們了。幸福非必然,欠彩數的,僅記:緣深,多聚;緣淺,聚少;「懂、爭氣」,幸福必臨。

The Junior course of June was completed happily and smoothly. Three smart boys with different personalities: passionate, cool-head and laid back, they also have a great mom. How lucky they are! Ms. Chow likes all kids coz "I see you". Wish the children would be healthy, clever and freedom forever! Happiness is so valuable, one of elements is come from the capacity to think.

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