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Windsor 一天遊 / Windsor day trip

24.9.2023 Windsor 一天行程:

1. Windsor Castle (停留了約6小時 / Stayed for about 6 hours)******

a. Greet the guards (at 11:00am 只能看到他們步操進皇宮 / only saw them marching into the Castle.)

b. Gaze at the gold

c. View a Van Dyck (Paintings)

d. Marvel at mythical paintings (Ceiling)

e. Doll's house

f. Undercoft Cafe (在此午膳小休 / lunch break there)


g. The Long Walk & Deer Park


2. French Brothers Boat Trip (40 mins)


3. Alexandra Gardens


Windsor & Eton Central

a. Eton High Street

b. Eton college grounds (2:30pm to 5:00pm)

The museum of Eton life

c. Eton Bridge

乘GWR回家去。我已申請出年免費再遊Windsor Castle。好靚!

Got home by GWR. I have applied for a free pass to Windsor Castle in 2024. It is splendid!

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